It all means jack if you can’t keep it on the track!

That black piece of rubber is all that sticks you to the road, so don't take any chances with your tyres.  Regular wheel alignments provide safe, predictable vehicle control and ensure even tyre wear for a better all round driving experience.

We have several options available from toe and go to full 4 wheel alignment/camber/caster adjustment for all your street or track needs.

Need your car to pass an emissions test?

MRC has all your tuning needs under one roof. Custom tuning and setups using a 4GAS Analyser, Chassis Dyno to set up HC (Hydro Carbons), CO (Carbon Monoxide) and NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) to meet all your ADR Emission requirements.

How much power does your car really make?

MRC is a Dyno Dynamics accredited workshop and running in shootout mode means we can accurately measure you cars BHP/KW at the wheels.

Power runs start from as low as $99 and includes a printout of your results. Booking is essential as the dyno is always in high demand.

ECU Tuning

MRC specialises in the installation and tuning of a broad range of ECU's. We can give you advice on the best ECU system to suit your vehicle, application and budget.

We offer installation of a wide range of brands, and can also tune factory ECU's.

Diesel – More power, more economy

MRC now offers performance for your diesel using popular 'plug and play' brands like Chip It, DP Chip and Steinbauer.

We can customise a system to suit your needs and provide installation and tuning, with before and after dyno runs so you can see the actual gains made.

Upgrades can include intercooler changes, turbo and exhaust in conjunction with chip upgrades and tune.

Car Club Dyno Days @ MRC

Contact us today to organise an exclusive Dyno Day for members of your Car Club. We run these events several times a year and they are a fantastic day for both the club and MRC alike.

Members get the chance to run directly against their mates, and see what sort of power their machines really make! Organise trophies for the day, and turn the event into a dyno shootout.

Dyno Day enquiries and bookings can be make by clicking the button below. Give your members a day they'll talk about for years to come!

Specialist tuning for your Nissan

Nistune packages available for

R32 Skyline
R33 Skyline (using Z32 ECU)
R34 Skyline
S13 180SX
S14 200SX
S15 200SX

Drive-in Drive-out packages start at $1100 (including Nistune board installation and full custom dyno tune)

Wait no longer - Call MRC Dyno and book