Our Services


Let MRC Dyno take your ride to the next level with a performance upgrade.

Brake Upgrades, Exhaust Systems, Intercoolers, Transmission, Handling / Suspension, Engine Conversions, Engine Builds and Repairs.

At MRC Dyno we know performance.

Dyno Tuning

MRC tuning is done on our Dyno Dynamics two wheel drive dyno, which is equipped with regularly updated Shootout software.

We offer a range of tuning services including power runs, diagnostic and fault finding, speed and accuracy testing and tuning & refinement of ECU’s.


Our qualified technicians will explain exactly what work will be carried out on your vehicle, and if necessary, diagnose any problems so you’ve got all the information you need before we turn a spanner.

All MRC E Safety Checks (pink and blue slips) are sent electronically to the RTA.

Contact MRC Dyno and get the most out of your ride.